Galaxies Along the Hubble Sequence

A Gallery of CCD images from the MDM 1.3-m.

By: P. Kircher, B. Sacash, M. Garee, R. Brown and J.Pinkney

The Tuning Fork Diagram below is an image map. Move your mouse pointer over a galaxy type to get a menu of galaxies. Click on any galaxy icon to open a page of several larger images.

The galaxies below were selected for observing programs which sought to detect black holes in galaxy centers using HST. By lucky coincidence, they happen to cover most of the morphological types along the Hubble “tuning fork diagram”. We have arranged them accordingly on this page, with early types on the left, and late types on the right. The numbers are from the NGC (New General Catalogue) catalogue, and they increase roughly in order of increasing right ascension. (Since we lacked images for the types SBa-SBd, we have borrowed other images available on the web.)

tuning fork diagram

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