History of this Page

The images on this page were taken by Dr. Pinkney and Monique Aller (U. Michigan) at the MDM Observatory in Arizona (see "Technical Information on Images" link). These data were important to carry out several funded science programs of the Nuker Team, (PI D. Richstone, U. Michigan). of which Drs. Pinkney and Aller are members. The programs all involved supermassive black holes in nearby galaxies. The high resolution imaging and spectroscopy provided by the Hubble Space Telescope were at the crux of the proposals. However, ground-based CCD imaging was also required. We sought to measure the masses of black holes in the nuclei of galaxies, and then relate those masses to global properties of the galaxy (e.g., morphology).

This page was conceived by Dr. Jason Pinkney (ONU, Dept of Physics and Astronomy). Since then, Dr. Pinkney has had several enthusiastic students to work on the page and its many images. These include (in chronological order): Rachel Brown (Wesleyan University), Mike Garee (ONU), Brian Sacash (ONU), and Peter Kircher (ONU). Many hours were spent converting the FITS format CCD images into JPEGs and constructing the web page. Thank you students!

Future Plans: the web page will be redone using an image map instead of a large table of icons.

We hope that amateur astronomers and galaxy enthusiasts everywhere discover this page. It is a payback to the US taxpayer for their indirect support of the sciences and, especially black hole research.